Our mission is to organize competitive youth basketball teams and instructional basketball programs for elementary through high school boys in Rocklin and the South Placer County area. Our teams and programs are built on teaching solid fundamentals and a

Sponsored By:   Finance of America
Rocklin, CA
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March 16th Fundraiser Games 5:30-11:00 PM

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$25 Games and Dinner (All Players and Parents)

$50 Games/Dinner+VIP (Casino Night +2 Adult Drinks) (Adults ONLY)

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    Times Court 1 Court 2 Court 3 Court 4 Court 5 Court 6 Court 7
Team 1 2/3rd E.Gee/Fulwider 5:30 17v18 35v36 29v30 15v16 6v10 33v34 1v2
Team 2 2/3rd Vinsonhaler 6:30 41v42 19v20 27v28 7v8 39v40 13v14 5v9
Team 3 2/3 ALL STARS 7:30 23v24 11v12 37v38 21v22 25v26 31v32 3v4
Team 4 3rd McGregory 8:30 Pick Up  BBall Games        
Team 5 3rd Kanaan Ct 1
Coaches vs Parents
Team 6 4th Bigge Ct 2
Parents vs Kids
Team 7 4th Andrews Ct 3
Kids vs Kids 2nd-4th
Team 8 5th Cochran Ct 4
Kids vs Kids 5-6th
Team 9 4th Kanaan Ct 5
Kids vs Kids 7th-8th
Team 10 5th Fulwider Ct 6 Kids vs Kids 9th-10th            
Team 11 6th Dawgs Shaw Ct 7
Shooting Compition + Trivia
Team 12 5th YBA Elite Ct 8
Face Paint/Activites
Team 13 5th McGregory VIP
Upstairs Casino Night, Loomis Basin Brewery/Margarita Man (inc 2 drinks)
Team 14 5th Degroft                
Team 15 6th Moore                
Team 16 12U Church                
Team 17 7th YBA Elite                
Team 18 8th Dawgs Degroft                
Team 19 7th Dawgs Collins                
Team 20 7th Dawgs RC Black                
Team 21 7th Dawgs RC Blue                
Team 22 7th Church                
Team 23 8th YBA Elite                
Team 24 15U Dawgs Anderson                
Team 25 8th Dawgs Moore                
Team 26 15U YBA Peterson                
Team 27 8th Phares                
Team 28 8th E.Gee                
Team 29 4/5th Panthers Grey                
Team 30 4/5th Panthers Black                
Team 31 5/6th Panthers Grey                
Team 32 5/6th Panthers Black                
Team 33 6th Panthers KGee                
Team 34 7th Panthers Peterson                
Team 35 7th Panthers Shaw                
Team 36 8th Panthers Grey                
Team 37 8th Panthers KGee                
Team 38 8th Panthers KGee                
Team 39 15U Panthers Hendrix                
Team 40 15U Panthers Hendrix                
Team 41 16U Panthers Taylor                
Team 42 16U Panthers Elite Shaw