Our mission is to organize competitive youth basketball teams and instructional basketball programs for elementary through high school boys in Rocklin and the South Placer County area. Our teams and programs are built on teaching solid fundamentals and a

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Rocklin, CA
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Frequently Asked Questions about the YBA-AAU Program:


Who is YBA?
Please click the link to find out more about YBA!
YBADAWGS (Click here)

How do I tryout?

Tryouts are on going most Please register as a new player there is no cost to register we use it as a waiver and emergency contact information. Email Ken Gee for details kengeeyba@gmail.com(Click Here) to register as a new player


  • Can I choose my level, team or coach?
    Players will compete at the level appropriate to experience and abilities as determined by the YBA-AAU staff.
  • How and when will we be contacted about what team he will play on and the details?
  • Information will be given after the Monday evaluation you may need to bring your son to a team practice for further evaluations.  
  • My son wants to play for an AAU team but was placed in the training or competitive program how can he move up and play at a higher level?
  • Not every player will make an AAU team. YBA-AAU staff will work with individuals to improve their skill sets to possibly make a future team. The goal with all players is to improve skills in a positive atmosphere in hopes they can make there future middle and high school teams.
    How much does it cost?

    The program details are listed on the YBA website: Click Here


    What is the difference between YBA-DAWGS and YBA-AAU?

    The YBA DAWGS program has been established since 2004 and there are very few opportunities for kids to participate since the teams are already established.

    YBA-XTREME program offers more opportunities for kids to play AAU and Competitive Basketball.


    Is the YBA-AAU an AAU team?

    Yes, the tournament teams will play other AAU teams.

    What basic fundamentals would my son have to have to play AAU?
    Proficient left and right hand, correct footwork, a good skill set such as defending, shooting, ball-handling, rebounding and passing. Coachability, experience, athleticism, determination, quickness and size also play a factor to determine competitive ability.

    Can I request a friend on my team?
    You can request a friend with the same skill level and we will try our best to make it a positive experience.

    What if my son can't play on Sundays or only wants training?
    He can participate in our developmental AAU teams that play on Saturday only or he can participate in the Monday training program.

    How can I become a coach?


    YBA is always looking for experienced coaches please email us with your background and resume if you are interested.


    Does YBA-AAU have semi and private training?

    Yes! Anyone who participates in YBA-AAU will receive complimentary training. We also have a list of great trainers listed on our website to schedule private sessions. (Click Here for our trainers)


    If my son makes a team does he have to tryout the next session?

    No, once your son makes a team he does not have to tryout again.


    Will the teams stay intact each session?

    Yes, the core group of kids will stay as a group each session. We will try our best to keep team intact for chemistry and friendships.


    Is there an opportunity for my son to play with the YBA DAWGS program?

    There are limited opportunities based on players leaving the YBA DAWGS program.  The YBA-DAWGS will continue to strive to compete at the highest of levels with and against top notch competition. If your son wants to play he will need to be invited and athletes must have appropriate experience/abilities as determined by the YBA-DAWGS staff.