Our mission is to organize competitive youth basketball teams and instructional basketball programs for elementary through high school boys in Rocklin and the South Placer County area. Our teams and programs are built on teaching solid fundamentals and a

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Rocklin, CA
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To Whom It May Concern:
My son Bryce has participated in Ken Gee's Youth Basketball Program since 2003.   I feel that Bryce learned a great deal in that time.  Coach Gee is an excellent teacher.  He is able to translate his vast knowledge of basketball to a level that the youngsters can relate to.  He breaks the game down to an age appropriate level, yet challenge the kids.  Coach Gee focuses on the fundamentals of basketball for a foundation that the kids can build upon in years to come. 
It's been rewarding having my son Bryce play in Coach Gee's program.  The team was ranked #1 in Northern California for 4th grade AAU for the 2003 - 2004 season.  I would highly recommend his program to parents wanting to have a competitive, educational and fun AAU experience. 
Harold Pressley
Sacramento Kings 1986 -1990
Villanova 1985 NCAA Championship Team



YBA and Ken Gee do things the right way and I am proud to be a  partner for the summer tournaments. I hope this relationship will continue to grow and help many kids along the way.
Tariq-Abdul-Wahad NBA Sacramento Kings, Orlando, Denver and Dallas



We have played the YBA teams and they are always well coached, fundamental and very professional


Eric Musselman- Former head coach of the NBA's Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors.

To Whom It May Concern:
My son Jalen Cope-Fitzpatrick has participated in Ken Gee's Youth Basketball Program since 2003.   Ken Took him under his wing mentored and helped him in his early stages of his youth. He created an environment and encouraged him to grow and mature and fostered a sense of worth that continued to grow and gain confidence to play sports.  My son was big with lots of potential but had self-esteem issues and was trying to grow into his body. 
It's been rewarding having Jalen playing with and for Coach Gee's program. Once my son reached the 7th grade coach Gee encouraged him to try Football.

In high school he was an All-American player at Whitney High School (Rocklin,CA) and this year he will be the starting Tight End for USC.

We are grateful for Coach Gee’s program and feel he was instrumental in the path an journey that has led to the success of Jalen’s young career. 

Jennifer Baker-Cope

To whom it may concern:
I am a former University of California Women's basketball player who was very fortunate to receive a scholarship and play four years of Division 1 ball.  I have played and been involved in basketball at a very high level. I have seen good youth programs and many not so good youth programs. YBA is the best Youth Basketball Program I have ever been around.  I feel very fortunate that my son is a member of the YBA DAWGS!
My son currently trains with Ken Gee and plays for the YBA Program and on a Youth Basketball Academy (YBA) team. Ken Gee is an excellent trainer and has a very positive and unique teaching /coaching method that inspires and motivates the kids to focus and work hard to be their best. 
 The YBA basketball program offers many opportunities for  kids who want to take their basketball game to a higher level.. The coaches are positive and very knowledgeable. They teach the importance of fundamentals and teamwork. The YBA program not only teaches the boys the game of basketball, the coaches emphasize the importance of hard work, determination, setting goals and striving to attain them, integrity, sportsmanship,  and character. Most importantly, the coaches stress the importance of working hard in the classroom and striving for top grades.  The coaches care about each and every individual player, in addition to teaching them high level basketball skills and IQ's, they are also teaching them how to be fine young men. The YBA coaches are outstanding role models for today's youth and take this responsibility seriously.  I highly recommend YBA to any parent looking for a great opportunity for their sons and hopefully someday, their daughters too. 
Jeanette Fugate (JJ)
Cal Bears (1982-1985)

Ken is an excellent trainer and has worked with my son James Moore. He has a great ability to break down a player and identify areas of weakness and strength.  His attention to detail with respect to form and footwork is excellent, and he always emphasizes the fundamentals in his training sessions.  Ken also understands that to improve and grow as a player, you have to push beyond your comfort zone, and he provides an atmosphere in his workouts that encourages his students to take risks.  I also appreciate Ken's teaching style.  He is demanding, yet encouraging, and gets great buy-in from his students.  Ken has a lot to offer, and does a great job.
James R. Moore, Esq.
Boutin Gibson Di Giusto Hodell Inc.

**Note James Committed to Harvard** 

To Whom It May Concern,
I have had both my sons in basketball programs run by Ken Gee and am very pleased with the results.
My older son is 11 and has participated in Ken's drills and conditioning program as well as had some one on one instruction. He enjoyed both sessions and more importantly learned a great deal from each. He�s now representing his school in the Parochial Athletic League and his early performances are a tribute to the work Ken has done. In fact he achieved his career scoring high in the first game of the season, utilizing many of the fundamental skills learned in Ken�s clinics.
My younger son is only seven and experiencing his first taste of organized basketball. The first thing I did was to enroll him in one of Ken's camps for younger kids. The camps are structured in a way as to be fun for the kids while teaching them the basic basketball skills. Zachary has had a blast and can't wait for the next camp to begin. And I have the comfort of knowing he's learning the game from the ground up.
I have found Ken Gee to be both a knowledgeable basketball coach and an effective communicator. I look forward to having my sons work with him in the future and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a coach for their son or daughter.
Mark Lowe aka "Phantom"
The Rise Guys
Sports 1140 KHTK    


Dear Ken,

I'd like to commend you and your YBA staff for providing such an outstanding basketball program in our community. "Safe", "positive" programs for our
children are needed now more than ever before. The basketball instruction offered by you and your staff is exceptional and the message of hard work
and sportsmanship gives every player in your program a definite advantage over the competition. Keep up the "great" work Ken! I look forward to
seeing your teams play again this season.


Steve Williams
Sacramento Hall of Fame/Former Grant High Coach

Next to our church and school, there is no other organization which has impacted my sons in a more significant way. 
Even though they have developed basketball skills preparing them to excel in Jr. high and High School, they have developed character.  They have learned how to persevere in stressful situations, how to "fail forward" through losses and mistakes, how to keep a good attitude when "bad calls" are made and they feel they are cheated, that they must deserve to win through hard work, how to get along with others, how to work together with others for a common goal, how to respect authority, gratitude to other players and coaches and more.  The coaches have taught my boys these lessons finding a unique balance between kindness and firmness in an environment they enjoy.
I'm grateful to YBA and Ken that my boys are learning life lessons which they are learning faster in the basketball setting and who knows, might not have ever learned.  The coaches are outstanding in their knowledge of the game and in their ability to teach youth. YBA not only trains good basketball players, but also develops men of character.
David & Karen Bennett