Our mission is to organize competitive youth basketball teams and instructional basketball programs for elementary through high school boys in Rocklin and the South Placer County area. Our teams and programs are built on teaching solid fundamentals and a

Sponsored By:   Shaw Ventures, INC
Rocklin, CA
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We can only have one parent per family through June as we are following health and safety protocols in place by the county.‚Äč

Spectator Fee $10 per person

Following is the PAST School Grade AAU ROLL over date is Sept 1. 2020

First team listed as the home team.


June 27th YBA Court 1 YBA Court 2
8:00 7/8th All Net v 8th Church YBA 5th Panthers vs Team Salazar
9:00 7/8th All Net vs 8th Moore YBA 4/5 Panthers v Woodland Cardnals
10:00 8th All Net vs YBA 8th Church YBA 5th Panthers vs 5/6 Team Dynomite
11:00 8th All Net vs 8th Masters 5/6th Team Dynomite vs 5/6 Team Salazar
12:00 8th Moore v YBA 8th Masters 5th YBA Rangel v 5th ALL Net
1:00 All Net 4th v YBA 3/4Gee 5th YBA McNeal vs 5th All Net
2:00 16U Eric Gee v YBA 16U Hendrix 5th YBA Rangel v YBA McNeal
3:00 4th All Net v YBA 4th Andrews 6th All Net vs YBA Rangel
4:00   6th All Net vs YBA Ray
June 28th Court 1 YBAH Court 2 YBAH
9:00 16U Cabrera vs 16U All Net 15U YBA Cotton v 15U YBA Jacobson
10:00 16U All Net v 16/17 YBA McDonald 15U YBA Cabrera vs YBA 15U Jacobson
11:00 17U YBA Mcdonald v 17U All Net 15U YBA Cabrera vs 15U YBA Cotton
12:00 YBA Green Varsity v 17U YBA McDonald YBA 16 Cotton v YBA 16U Cabrera
1:00 17U YBA Townes White v 17U All Net YBA Green Varsity v YBA 16U Phares
2:00 16U YBA Cotton v 17U YBA Townes  
June 28th YBA 1 YBA 2
9:00 4th Grade Terminators v YBA Green/Gee Lady Swish 7 v Panthers White 7
10:00 7th Phares vs 6th Terminators Lady Swish 7 v Tyler 6th
11:00 7th Phares vs YBA Gouveia 6th 4th Grade Terminators v YBA McNeal
12:00 6th YBA Gouveia vs 6th Terminators