Our mission is to organize competitive youth basketball teams and instructional basketball programs for elementary through high school boys in Rocklin and the South Placer County area. Our teams and programs are built on teaching solid fundamentals and a

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Rocklin, CA
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YBA Hosted
Games Played at YBA

We can only have ONE parents per family, MASKS REQUIRED following health and safety protocols.‚Äč 

Game Rules Details:
Due to Covid-19 scrimmage games will have the following rules:
  • Parent Wear a Mask/Get Temp Check 
  • Parent volunteers to keep score
  • Scrimmages will be (2) 20 Min Halves Stop Clock Last (2) Min
  • Playing time is coaches discretion (not equal)
  • After game fist bumps, elbow touches or hand wave only NO hand shakes
  • 1st team listed wears white jersey
  • Locations: 1091 Tinker Rd Rocklin Suite 200B
  • One Parent Per Game
  • More Teams TBA
  • Rosters and Practice Times  (Click Here)
  • Starts  August 2 and Ends September 24n


Team 1 Coach Sawi 9u   Week 7 9/17/21              
Team 2 Coach Kerr 11u ` YBA1     YBA2     YBA3    
Team 3 Coach Hodge 11u Blue   5:00 3 v 5   5:00 4 v 1   5:00    
Team 4 Coach Noa 1st/2nd grade   6:00 5 v 21   6:00 12 v14   6:00 1 v 17
Team 17 6pm
Team 5 Coach Remy 12u   7:00 8 vs 18   7:00 2 v 16   7:00  
Team 6 Coach Liddle 14u blue   8:00 8 v 7   8:00 6 v 19   8:00    
Team 7 Coach Sawi 14u                    
Team 8 Coach Remy 15u                    
Team 9 Coach Ritter 12u                    
Team 10 Coach Ritter 14u     Referees              
Team 12 C. Robinson Hillmen 13u   YBA1 Ray Mike   Noa          
Team 13 Coach Ritter 15/16u   YBA2 Greg H   Chris O  
Team 14 Coach Heidel 15/16u   YBA3                
Team 15 Coach Hodge 16u                    
Team 16 Coach Hodge 11u white                    
Team 17 Coach Olajuwon 9u                    
Team 18 C. Robinson Hilman 14u     Greg H  
Matt Garza
Team 19 Coach Liddle 14u white     Ray Mike   Noa          
Team 20 Control Chaos 15u     Chris O   Boston          
Team 21 Eric Gee 12u                    
Team 22 Conner 12u